"It overcomes the difficulty in finding a calendar software product at a reasonable price that was flexible enough for different businesses - Like the page appearance; Flexibility to suit MY business needs and layered schedules".
David Ivens, Dragonfly Contemporary Designs

Appointment Scheduling Software

If you or your organization need an easy to use and efficient appointment scheduling program to increase productivity, then - The Calendar Planner provides an ideal solution.

If you need appointment scheduling software to:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Manage multiple staff appointments and schedules
  • Color code appointments based on tasks, rooms and resources
  • Track and manage multiple appointment schedules in one calendar
  • Share appointment schedules via PDF, LAN or Web
  • Easily adjust to changes in your schedule

"TCP helps us efficiently organize our office. It allows us to keep better goals and stay on task. This calendar program makes things visible and easy."

Fearless Records, Joyce

"I no longer have to look into 15 calendars to see what is going on in the building."
Estel, Smoky Hill

The Reel Logix scheduling software originally developed to help film makers tame challenging schedules and recover from multiple changes quickly, makes simple to complex appointment scheduling easy.

The Calendar Planner's appointment scheduling features allow you to easily create multiple appointments by day, week, month and year. Or you can auto create appointments that occur on a regular schedule or easily create irregular appointments using drag and drop.

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  • Control Appearance...
  • Schedule Around Availability...
  • Filter Your Calendar...
  • File Management...
  • Changes? No Problem with Push/Pull...
  • Administrative Notes...
  • Publish an appointment schedule or share on LAN or Intranet...

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Juggling multiple appointment schedules can be challenging. Take a tour and find out why so many individuals and companies are finding it is a more efficient and easier to use appointment scheduling program.

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