Product Comparison

Compare the Standard Edition of The Calendar Planner and the Basic Edition as well as other Calendar Software and Web Calendar Solutions.

See the advantages of using The Calendar Planner over Web Calendar solutions. Considering a Web Solution? Read this first!

See why The Calendar Planner is a great choice among Calendar Software.

Features The Calendar Planner™
(Standard Edition)
The Calendar Planner™
(Basic Edition)
Other Calendar Software Web Calendars
Recurring Fees NO NO SOME YES
Edit Item Color SOME
Edit Item Font SOME
Edit Item Style
Drag and Drop
Align Text SOME
Auto Display Time
Recurring Events
Add Notes to Events
Add Notes to Days
Start Day of Week SOME
Set Day Scale
Wrap Banner Text SOME
Customize Views
Choose Daily Order of Items SOME
Print Notes Reports SOME
Unlimited Undo
Choose Multiple Country Holidays SOME SOME
View Browser
Day Overlap Indicators
Personal  Templates
Auto Expanding Views
Auto Expanding Events
Import and Export (CSV, TAB)
Import and Export (XML)
Personal & Business Templates
Easily Hide and Show Events
Find by Name, Occurrence, Associations SOME
Multiple Folder Levels
Link Events to Web Sites, Images & Documents SOME SOME
Create Custom Web Calendars SOME
Show and Hide Any Day
Add Notes to Unscheduled Items
Category Rollup
Formatted Notes
Calendar Sharing SOME
Auto Skip Off Days for Recurring Events
Push & Pull Schedule
Manage Project Phases
Link Events (Events that must occur before or after each other)
Track Working and Non-Working Days SOME
Show Hide Filters SOME
Automatic Item Counting
No Regular Recurring Events (irregular appointments, events)
Item List Color Coding
Lock Items to Day

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