"I'm visual, and TCP beats the tar out of Outlook for helping me see both the big picture and the day's calling details for projects, which are tracked with an Access database. I have categories for prospects, 'Nibbles', and established gigs; long-range planning (where do I want to be when); travel/stay parked days; personal items; calls to make; Holidays. Popping all of this in and out at will and as needed is great for productivity."

Dave, Burning Bush League

Church Calendar Software : The Calendar Planner

If you are a religious organization looking for church calendar software to meet your scheduling needs, The Calendar Planner can provide an easy to use and cost effective solution. As a religious organization you also qualify for the 20% software discount!

There are many church calendar software solutions on the market but none can handle all the aspects of scheduling as affordably as The Calendar Planner. The software is widely used by many religious organizations for managing:

“We've been using The Calendar Planner for our yearly planning calendar where I take all of our ministries events and compile them onto one planning calendar. We’ve been looking for a program to switch to and TCP fits the bill just right”

Debbie Fisher from Green Acres Baptist Church

  • Event Schedules
  • Staff and Volunteer Schedules
  • Church Programs & Classes
  • Religious Holidays

Take a Quick Tour to see why The Calendar Planner, has become a popular church calendar software option for religious organizations worldwide.

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* Price Reflects Religious Organization Discount -- If you are a nonprofit organization, you qualify for a 20% software discount on calendar software from Reel Logix.

While there are may types of church calendar software programs available, The Calendar Planner uses a very easy to use traditional calendar interface. This eliminates the "learning curve" or complexity of other solutions and allows you to get up and running right away creating your church calendar. While juggling many different tasks, church programs, classes, and the volunteers to manage them may be complicated, the solution shouldn't be.

The Calendar Planner is quickly becoming one of the most popular church calendar software solutions on the market today. Best of all, it is flexible enough to handle any type of schedling so you can have one solution for all your scheduling needs.

A 20% nonprofit software discount per licensed copy is available.

"I no longer have to look into 15 calendars to see what is going on in the building."
Estel, Smoky Hill

Learn more about some of the calendar features:

  • Show and Hide...
  • Publish your church calendar on the Web, as PDF...
  • Very Easy to use...
  • Create your own Templates...
  • See Complete Feature List

    Whatever your church's calendar and scheduling needs are you will find The Calendar Planner to be a very cost effective and easy to use church calendar software soltuion.

    See what some nonprofit software clients say about how Reel Logix calendar supports their work, in conjunction with other nonprofit software already in place.
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    * Price Reflects Religious Organization Discount -- If you are a nonprofit organization, you qualify for 20% nonprofit discount on calendar software from Reel Logix.

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