"I always made do with Outlook or Now-Up-To Date but this program blows those out of the water! Best features: Suppressing category items so that I can print a calendar for one vendor, without printing the entire production calendar with items not relevant to them. The ability to push entire projects by whatever time period I need, with the ability to lock down dates that can't move is the greatest time-saver ever!"
Susan Pickett, VFX Production Manager, Iron Man, Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer, Idiocracy

Client Scheduling Software

If you work with clients you know that schedules, plans, projects or events change all the time for any number of reasons.

A scheduling calendar like The Calendar Planner with customized style features and views immediately lets you know what needs your quick attention and what can wait!

Take a Tour of Reel Logix calendar software to see how it can help your office simplify client scheduling either as a stand alone solution or to complement existing enterprise customer relations Management software in a very affordable way.

"TCP helps us efficiently organize our office. It allows us to keep better goals and stay on task. This calendar program makes things visible and easy."

Fearless Records, Joyce

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Based on customer feedback the following calendar software features help with scheduling and managing client interactions. Select headings for more detail:

"We have been using The Calendar Planner for a few months now - Awesome program, keep up the good work."

Alan Baker, Authorized Representative of Charter Financial Planning.

  • Manage the Unexpected with Push/Pull...
  • Recognize, Minimize or Avoid Conflicts through collaboration...
  • Take Time Out with Smart Scheduling...
  • Folders & Templates to Plan Future Activities...
  • Detailed Notes...

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"It improved my scheduling of many events. This allowed me to respond much faster to my customers in knowing if equipment was available that specific day or week."

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