"We have spent years trying to find a calendar tool that works for feature film production. Your calendar is the first solution we've seen that operates in the same manner as people manage calendars on a production. It is highly intuitive, easy to use (drag & drop, point and click), powerful, while providing the flexibility for each user to do things their own way."
Adam Slohn, Systems Planning, Warner Bros.

Event Calendar

Designed and created with power and flexibility in mind - The Calendar Planner was built to manage the event calendars schedules in the film and entertainment industries. Whether you are a professional event planner, with years of experience or you are planning your first event, the team at Reel Logix is aware that your productions are also works of art - requiring planning, scheduling and flawless execution.

"I'm visual, and TCP beats the tar out of Outlook for helping me see both the big picture and the day's calling details for projects, which are tracked with an Access database. I have categories for prospects, 'Nibbles', and established gigs; long-range planning (where do I want to be when); travel/stay parked days; personal items; calls to make; Holidays. Popping all of this in and out at will and as needed is great for productivity."

Dave, Burning Bush League

As with film production, your schedules can change at a moment's notice due to unpredictable weather, equipment malfunction or less than cooperative stakeholders. The Calendar Planner can help you stay on task and bring the big pieces together so that your event comes off as good as a well planned film shoot.

From location prep to scheduling tasks, help and vendors, this scheduling calendar can help you easily plan and coordinate your entire event from start to finish.

If you work in any of the following event driven professions or facilities, The Calendar Planner is a valuable tool that will help you overcome and manage the numerous hurdles that can come between your event plans and successful outcomes.

"I just love your Calendar program. I am so used to it I cannot remember life before The Calendar Planner. I have a complex schedule with many different events. I need to make the most of my time, and The Calendar Planner helps me do that"
Julie Wrege, Sirius Software, Inc

  • Audio/Video and Sound Scheduling
  • Floral Design
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Trade Shows
  • Convention Centers
  • Supplies and Equipment Scheduling
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Tour Operation
  • Meetings and Incentive Planning
  • Limousines and Transportation
  • Photography
  • Catering
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Music

The following features in The Calendar Planner are of particular significance to your role or business:

  • Use "Drag and Drop" features in conjunction with an elegantly simple Item View to quickly create the items or pieces of your event puzzle. Drag and Drop them where you want them on the calendar with one click. As easy as it is to schedule items is as easy as it is to change your mind and remove, move or reschedule items. Exercise options to turn times on or off; show start or finish items only; skip days off for those you are scheduling and resize day cells as needed. Hide entire days off if you want and set reminders for when you want - three minutes ahead or three days ahead - it's up to you. Reminders alert you even when your calendar is not even running.
  • The unique auto size feature of the calendar will allow you to add all the events you need and grow automatically so you never have to sacrifice information or readability in your event calendar.
  • Use the innovative day view to schedule resources by zooming in to a one hour time period or zooming out to see up to 24 hours. On the day of your event - set a window of time and slide that window anywhere in a 24-Hour period to get a snapshot of schedules as planned. Allow others to view room and resource schedules with read/write only capabilities and turn on or off audio notification of changes as needed. Work just as easily and quickly in the 1-4 week views, the 30-Day view or the 4-Month views.
  • Unlike any other scheduling software on the market The Reel Logix Calendar Planner will automatically schedule complex recurring items around off-days that you create. Manage and schedule your event part-time help or meetings with your clients.
  • Attach notes to scheduled or unscheduled items with detailed event planning information you will need to complete your job effectively and efficiently. Event Planners and Planning Managers have found this note capability to be an extremely valuable feature when executing a great event. Automatically replicate valuable progress notes in recurring events as many times as you like.
  • Unique folder organization and templates allow you to easily setup and organize the item list with events and tasks that need to be scheduled more than once. Whether you plan baby showers for a living or set up the monthly employee recognition luncheon, this feature alone will sell you on this scheduling calendar. Save an amazing amount of time when managing your people by using templates you create once and reuse for recurring event plans.
  • Easily show or hide events or entire folders with the click of a mouse. This filtering allows you to quickly view and print only specific projects, phases, event types, departments and resources and tasks, giving you unlimited views of your schedule, all in a single file. These "filtered views" of your calendar can easily be saved for quick access later and used for displaying, printing or sharing.
  • Enhanced File Sharing features allows you and project team to share calendars and project plans in small networking environments over a LAN which gives users control over read and write capability to change a single shared file. Users are notified of updates through both visual and audio cues and can refresh to see changes. Update and publish your calendar to the web for remote access.
  • Automatic labeling can be used to show how long an event has worked or how long it has remaining. You can choose to display this at the beginning of each week or on the banner itself. You can even choose a start and finish label so no matter where you are in the calendar you can easily see when an even has just started and when it is in its final week. This is ideal for tracking production weeks, project phases, rentals, employee vacations and more.
  • Use the free starter templates provided for managing hundreds of common events or combine, modify and create your own.  This allows you to create a standard set of events, tasks and resources you frequently manage and never retype anything again. You can even share and combine templates among the team so everyone uses the same structure.

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The Calendar Planner provides a powerful scheduling solution that is very easy to use and extremely cost effective - easily recoup value through productivity gains with just one event. The Calendar Planner's unique scheduling features provide enough flexibility to handle all your event planning needs.

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