"For years I have looked for calendar software that meets the needs of a volatile project environment with ever changing deadlines. Project planning and communication have always required use of a calendar, but maintaining multiple calendars continuously infringed on my productivity. With this software, I can set up project phases as independent objects and quickly and simply modify dates for instant replication to the calendar. This feature alone eliminates numerous manual steps required of other tools. The different views and customization options add even greater value to this exceptional tool."

Wendy Buehlman, Instructional Design Project Manager, Kraft Foods.

Project Management Software

As a Project Manager, productivity truly begins with the tools you use!

The Calendar Planner scheduling software is the affordable, easy to use alternative for complex and expensive enterprise project management software. If you spend more time fighting with your project management software and less time working on your project, try The Calendar Planner.

    As a Project Manager, you:
  • Define objectives
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Oversee quality control
  • Finalize projects within deadlines and budgets
  • Acquire resources
  • Coordinate efforts of team and third-party contractors or consultants

Project management software that helps you meet objectives and doesn't get in your way is critical. Take a Tour of this affordable, powerful and flexible calendar software and view the comprehensive feature list to experience the potential value Reel Logix Calendar software could bring to your organization.

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The Calendar Planner provides everything you need to help manage projects that require tracking resource, deliverables, tasks and milestones. Used as a standalone application or to complement other project management software, tasks, project milestones and deliverables are quickly created, updated, scheduled or assigned.

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What Project Managers say about The Calendar Planner software

"Push Pull date functionality, Recurring events handling and the ability to sort by crews and print out such a report"
Tim Smith, VP of Systems - Land Opt

"The ability to pull up one project and see exactly where we are -- what's missing, what has been completed, etc. I use the reminders a lot."
Linda Ingalls, Allocations and Special Projects Manager, Utah Housing Corporation

How can The Calendar Planner help Project Managers?

Compare key benefits of The Calendar Planner to other project management software. Click a heading below for detail:

  • Auto Expanding Views...
  • Folders and Templates...
  • Power + Flexibility = Increased Project Productivity...
  • Project File Management...
  • Share calendars via LAN, PDF or publish web calendars...
  • Use Show/Hide for project management...
  • Check project status...
  • Administrative Project Notes...
  • Smart Scheduling...

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