"I've searched over the years for scheduling programs that display information the way most people think. Gantt charts just don't have the same intuitive feeling as a calendar. Most scheduling software forces you to conform to strict rules on entering information and displaying it, instead of allowing the end user the ability to customize features to suit how they work. With The Calendar Planner, I finally have all the powerful features needed to track complex video game production schedules as well as the ability to communicate clearly to everyone involved in the project - all in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface."

Barbara House, Sr. Producer for Sony Computer Entertainment America - Playstation Division

Calendar Resources

Calendar Files Available for Import

The Calendar Planner provides the ability to easily import information into a new or existing Calendar. Import various holidays from around the world or the schedule of your favorite sport's team.

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Software Updates

Updates for existing customers of the Standard Edition scheduling calendar and Basic Edition calendar software are provided via the auto update feature within the application.

The Calendar Planner Upgrades
a.   Registered users,update by choosing "Help Check for Updates" from within the application.
b.   Not registered? Register now. You will receive an update notification with instructions for downloading your calendar updates.

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The Calendar Planner provides various example templates with events that are commonly scheduled for business as well as personal and family calendars.

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