"I've searched over the years for scheduling programs that display information the way most people think. Gantt charts just don't have the same intuitive feeling as a calendar. Most scheduling software forces you to conform to strict rules on entering information and displaying it, instead of allowing the end user the ability to customize features to suit how they work. With The Calendar Planner, I finally have all the powerful features needed to track complex video game production schedules as well as the ability to communicate clearly to everyone involved in the project - all in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface."

Barbara House, Sr. Producer for Sony Computer Entertainment America - Playstation Division

Scheduling Calendar

The Calendar Planner is a true scheduling calendar, designed specifically to address the limitations of traditional calendars and the complexity found in traditional scheduling and project management software. The Calendar Planner has tamed one of the most difficult, challenging and unpredictable scheduling environments in the world, the Film and TV industry. This easy to use, powerful and visual calendar software is now used by individuals and small to large businesses in a wide range of industries for countless uses.

The Calendar Planner will allow you to not only manage your appointments, meetings and events as a traditional calendar would but also provides powerful scheduling features such as linking events so when one moves, related events move, instantly update an entire schedule to changes and quickly show and hide groups to filter by task, department, project and more.  All in a very easy to use and very affordable solution.

Find out how this flexible and powerful scheduling calendar, The Calendar Planner can help you with your scheduling needs. Click on a heading below for more detail:

  • Smart Scheduling and Show/Hide Days and Time...
  • Organize Around Any Type of Project:
  • Event Linking:
  • File Management:
  • Rapidly Adjust to Changes:
  • Visual Resource Management:
  • Show and Hide:
  • Publish your Calendar as PDF or Web page:
  • Combine and Share Calendars:
  • Scalable Day View:
  • Irregular Event Tracking:
  • Detailed Notes:
  • Automatic Labeling:
  • Off Days:
  • Event Style and Position:
  • Unique Views:
  • Custom Views:
  • Navigation:
  • Find and Go To:
  • Easy and Powerful Interface:
  • Reminders:
  • Templates:

Whatever your scheduling or project planning needs are, you will find our scheduling calendar is one of the most unique, easy to use, flexible and powerful solutions on the market today.

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