"It overcomes the difficulty in finding a calendar software product at a reasonable price that was flexible enough for different businesses - Like the page appearance; Flexibility to suit MY business needs and layered schedules".
David Ivens, Dragonfly Contemporary Designs

Scheduling Software : The Calendar Planner

Reel Logix's scheduling software, developed five years ago to manage Film, TV and Commercial production, has evolved to meet the scheduling needs for thousands of users in multiple industries - both as a stand alone solution or to complement existing scheduling solutions.

"I use TCP for scheduling my Customer Education & Training events. I can give each trainer a personal calendar in HTML format or each customer a course calendar. The global company I work for has a scheduling tool inside our customer relational management system. It's complex & inflexible. TCP is much easier to use & the most intuitive product of those I tested."

Keith, Agilent Technologies

Consider The Calendar Planner if you, like many of our clients, need scheduling software to manage projects, people, events and resources or have encountered any of the following challenges:

  • Software that is hard to learn, implement or use
  • Complex software with modules paid for but never used
  • ERP software that is expensive and cost prohibitive
  • Custom software with built in calendars with little or no value
  • Scheduling software that doesn't meet business and personal needs

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