"We have been using The Calendar Planner for a few months now - Awesome program, keep up the good work."

Alan Baker, Authorized Representative of Charter Financial Planning.

Small Business Software -- The Calendar Planner

Own, operate or work in a small business? On any given day you are the Financial Planner, Accountant, Event Planner, HR Director, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Customer Service and the Clean-Up crew. You have probably looked at allot of small business software that is too complex, too costly or too much for your needs.

"I just love your Calendar program. I am so used to it I cannot remember life before The Calendar Planner. I have a complex schedule with many different events. I need to make the most of my time, and The Calendar Planner helps me do that"
Julie Wrege, Sirius Software, Inc

Depending on your business niche you may have also looked at industry specific scheduling software such as construction management software, manufacturing software or other small business software with the same limitations.

Like most small business owners, you also probably seek every possible way to leverage technology to grow your business, while minimizing costs and maximizing profitability. Reel Logix calendar software is an affordable, off-the-shelf, integrated, easy-to-use scheduling software program to help you manage projects, people, resources and events.

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"I am able to schedule customers for follow-up visits and regular maintenance while they are right here in the shop. Rather than waiting for them to follow up with me, I set reminders and call them to remind them of appointments for car maintenance. Customers seem to appreciate that".
Peter Hall, Owner - H & A Auto

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Find out how the following features of The Calendar Planner will help your small business operations. Click on a heading below for more detail on the features of this small business software:

  • Share calendars on a LAN, as PDF or as published web calendars...
  • Powerful and Flexible yet Easy to use small business scheduling software...
  • Changes? No Problem with the Push/Pull feature in The Calendar Planner...
  • Smart Scheduling and Show/Hide Days and Time...
  • Administrative Notes for Employee Tracking...
  • Save time with Templates and Folders...

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The Reel Logix Inc team understands that Productivity Begins with the Tools you Use. They have made enhancing your business with small business software like The Calendar Planner easy.

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